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Growing food for yourself can seem expensive, but with a few tips from us, and other savvy gardeners, you can grow organic, healthy food inexpensively!

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In the long run, especially if you learn to grow from seed, the long list of benefits for the environment and your health should make it well worth it.  

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By growing your own food at home, you can be confident you are eating clean, nutrient dense produce.  

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You can be confident you are eating clean, chemical-free produce growing our high quality seeds

Plutten Ponics

Climate Change Food Solutions

We are committed to affordable, sustainable solutions for food production. We provide hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics equipment and supplies. If you don’t know a lot about traditional farming ways, that’s okay! You don’t need that information to start a successful Ponics farm because it fixes the issues that come with traditional farming methods. With Ponics farming, you are able to grow plants and nutritional vegetables any time of the year from anywhere in the world….


Soilless gardening leads to better control of water and mineral inputs, compare the amount of water needed to obtain one kg of plant product from traditional farming to that used with hydroponics, the savings made by a Ponics System can reach 90% to 95% of water inputs


Fruits and vegetables grown in a hydroponics garden are proven to have better flavor and more nutrition than any traditionally grown veggies you can find in the produce aisle of your local grocery store.


Ponic Systems (70)

Atmospheric Management (441)

Water Management (308)

Plant Care (2337)

Propagation (560)

Lighting (502)

Grow Media & Containers (435)

Seeds (160)


Carefully Picked

Nutrient-rich vegetables you need to live a healthy life without having to produce the usual amount of greenhouse gasses needed to get them to you!


Variety and Flavor

Growing your own food allows you to choose from hundreds of thousands of varieties of herbs, flowers, and veggies.


Food Safety and Security

With a Ponics System you know where our food comes from and what is in it.


Vitamins and Minerals

By growing your own food at home with a Ponics System, you can be confident you are eating clean, nutritious produce.

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