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Veteran supporting veterans
With every purchase, you make a difference in the lives of veterans. A percentage of our profits go directly to organizations that support vets as they transition back to civilian life.


At Plutten Outdoor World, we believe in living life with no regrets. Our customers are explorers and adventure seekers — and so are we. We are committed to helping you find innovative, premium outdoor gear at competitive prices, so you can get on with the business of being your thrill-seeking, adventure-loving self.

by Omowale Simon – Owner

Putten Outdoor World Your Everything Outdoor Store

Our Mission

Live life with no regrets

Proudly owned by a U.S. Iraqi war veteran and a lifelong adventurer, our mission is to build trust with our customers through the core values of quality and integrity of service. Because a life lived well is a life without regrets.

Putten Outdoor World Your Everything Outdoor Store

Our Vision

It’s simple. Have the best products and sell them at the best prices.

We believe in the spirit of Adventure. Our vision is to be Earth’s most Adventure centric company. We strive to build a place where people can come and find everything they need to start their next adventure.  We offer anything you need from camping gear to survival gear at very competitive pricing. Start your Adventure today at http://www.pluttenow.com