Plutten Ponics

About our company & what we stand for.

In Plutten Ponics, we are committed to affordable, sustainable solutions for food production. We provide hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics equipment and supplies.

Plutten Ponics: If you don’t know a lot about traditional farming ways, that’s okay! You don’t need that information to start a successful Ponics farm because it fixes the issues that come with traditional farming methods. With Ponics farming, you are able to grow plants and nutritional vegetables any time of the year from anywhere in the world. A six foot blanket of snow on the ground couldn’t stop you from pulling out your garden tools and creating the Ponics garden design of your dreams because you don’t need soil to get started! Not even the major environmental shifts from climate change can put a damper on your plant nursery

Welcome to Plutten Ponics


Plutten Ponics is America’s premier Hydroponics, Aeroponics and aquaponics supplier with the mission of making food production sustainable, accessible and most important of all affordable. To plutten ponics accessibility means ease of use and adaptability. Ponics is for everyone, not just the technical minded. To achieve our goal of sustainability, we are actively promoting new methods of food production that are sustainable and improve the environment with consistent green solutions and methods. Food grown in Ponics systems brings in higher yields of food with more nutrition than traditional agricultural production. We believe affordable food security is a human right, and Affordability gives access to everyone who wants food security that won’t break the bank.

Our Mission

Striving to make food production sustainable, affordable, and attainable for all by bringing you Green solutions at everyday low prices that you can invest towards a healthier and more nutritious future

Our Vision

It’s simple. Have the best products and sell them at the best prices.

In addition to this easy shift from agricultural methods, hydroponics farming is extraordinarily beneficial to your health and the health of your loved ones. Fruits and vegetables grown in a hydroponics garden are proven to have better flavor and more nutrition than any traditionally grown veggies you can find in the produce aisle of your local grocery store. This can be the motivation you needed to maintain a more healthy lifestyle

Proudly owned by a U.S. Iraqi war veteran and a lifelong adventurer, our mission is to build trust with our customers through the core values of quality and integrity of service. Because a life lived well is a life without regrets.

''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude'' - Ralph Marston