Creating a black hole: evaporation as a weapon

If there is something in the universe that would be a desirable weapon, are black holes. It surely would be a reason for creating a black hole for many people. But there is nothing to worry about! No one is nowhere near that deed yet!

Before seeing one pitch-black sphere engulfing the battlefield, we must prove several hypotheses. Including the one that talks about the way they disappear. Although independent groups of physicists are attempting to create black hole-like conditions, they admit being very far from fully understanding them!

Hawking radiation and what happens with black holes mass

The mysteries surrounding the singularity are enclosed by the information paradox. The paradox states that: “if information can’t vanish from existence, then what happens with the matter absorbed by a black hole when this disappears?.” Well, Hawking Radiation is a theoretical approach to solve that riddle.

In 1974, Stephen Hawking added Quantum Physics to the Black Hole issue. And with this, he made the scientific community think that the gravity in a black hole does not swallow light particles and antiparticles; It separates them.

While the black hole absorbs the antiparticle, the particle escapes as thermal energy called Hawking Radiation.

According to Hawking, the particle absorbed by the black hole is negative energy. And the constant absorption of negative energy is what gradually reduces the mass of the black hole. But, how is it possible to create a black hole if we still have so much to understand?

The theory behind the creation of a black hole

Before the lab Black Hole appearance, Hawking Radiation remained in the same theoretical field black holes did until the discovery of Cygnus X-1. By being lightyears away from getting the technology, Hawking Radiation was just another of the many possibilities about Black Holes.

In his paper “Black Holes Explosion?”, Hawking states that if the black hole absorbs negative energy and expel thermal energy, then the Event horizon of the black hole glows with cold light. That means that the darkness of a black hole happens because of the partition of light particles when they approach the Event horizon.

The bigger the mass of the Black Hole is, the lower its temperature will be. And this happens because of the behavior of light particles.

The experiment carried out by physicist Jeff Steinhauer is based on sound particles instead of light particles. But the thermal radiation emitted by the stimulated phonons is in the range of Hawking’s calculation.

Would you create a black hole and throw it at the enemy?

Wait, we are not judging you! We only want to talk to you about the benefits of evaporation.

The black hole information paradox is a collision between General Relativity and the First law of thermodynamics. Evaporation is strongly related to the way quantum physics leads us to the understanding of what happens with everything a black hole absorbed when it disappears.

Despite the infinite gravity of the singularity, the quantum scale of the spacetime remains invariable. Yes, light particles do separate because of gravity. But Hawking states that every particle absorbed gradually reduces the black hole’s density until its hyperdense mass evaporates!

The indoor vortex: creating a black hole

The results of the indoor black hole condition are not near reaching quantum evaporation, but the temperature of the laser stimulated phonon is a step towards the practical validation of Hawking radiation.

For now, we can rest assured that what they’re doing by creating a black hole in a lab is still experimental and nowhere near to be factual. No need to worry about enemies’ plans yet!



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