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Water Exists in Space

It is incredible enough to know that water exists in space. However, it is more thrilling to know that the quantity of this floating water exceeds that of all the earth’s oceans combined. It was Astronomers that made this eye-opening discovery, stating that the location of this space water is some 10 billion light-years away from earth. The actual quantity they estimate the water to be in proportion to that on the earth is that it is more by 140 trillion times.

Contrary to what you might have learned earlier, Venus is the planet with the highest surface temperature of all the planets. It may come as a surprise to you, being that Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. However, the lack of atmosphere inside makes it challenging for Mercury to have a steady temperature. That is not so with Venus because the planet has average surface hotness of 450 C.

Venus Is the Hottest Planet in the Solar System

Earth’s Year is shorter than a Day in Venus

How is a year determined? Through the length of time taken to complete a revolution around the sun, yeah? It will interest you to know through this very parameter; a day in Venus is longer than a year on earth. The reason is that the revolution of the earth around the sun takes a shorter time than it would take Venus to rotate on its axis. Sounds crazy, right?

It is evident that the outer space is an exciting place to watch. Silent as it is, several exciting moments abound to catch and learn from in space. Here is where telescopes come in; without them, the above discoveries would be in vain. How can one possibly see floating water from earth? Or get the surface temperature of Venus without knowing where these planets situate? It is impossible to see footprints on the moon, know the proportionate time of a day in Venus concerning a year on earth, or know that life is possible on Mars without a telescope.


Another factor that scares some telescope lovers from purchasing a telescope is the mindset that its extremely expensive. If you considered the benefits to gain from using a telescope, you definitely would not see it from that light. Besides, they come in different sizes of varying magnification and intensity. That makes it easy for you to get one that falls within your means. Whatever your purchasing power is, you should remember that it is okay to start from a smaller telescope, learn its uses before advancing to a higher-grade.

There are many other reasons why people do not own telescopes. However, there are more reasons to own one.

The world holds many mysteries such as the depths of our oceans and the uncharted territories of our jungles, but they don’t come close to the fascinating and mysterious appeal of outer space. This is the reason why so many people on earth are fascinated with what is out there and we can’t help but look up to the sky and wonder what it would be like to visit other planets and have the opportunity to see other areas of our universe.

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