What to do during quarantine pt 5

Things to Keep in Mind Before Beginning your space journey

For the past two months, the coronavirus outbreak has made Earth a crazy place to live in. It has forced us to stay at home, with just a few things to do and without interacting directly with other people.

This is a time to think about many things concerning Earth’s and humanity’s future. But it can also be a moment to contemplate the skies, and ask yourself: what’s going on beyond our ceilings? What’s happening out there beyond our atmosphere? What’s up with the stars right now?

Get to know the sky

Before handling your telescope, we recommend you study a bit about the sky at your own specific location. It’s crucial to know where north, south, east, and west are. Try locating the brightest stars and recognize their path across the sky.

How to get the answer?

Plutten Outdoor World, Your Everything Outdoor Store invites you to explore the world of telescopes, so you begin your path as an amateur astronomer. This is an excellent way of escaping what we are living now; it provides you with the perfect entertainment and also allows you to learn about the universe.

So let’s say you decided to get your own telescope, and now you’re about to become sort of an astronaut. Before starting, there are some things you must take into account when using a telescope.

In the middle of a critical Pandemic, and forced to stay at home, looking at the sky might be a great way of having fun. The new virus outbreak has reached all corners of the world and keeps people trapped in their homes, with limited ways of entertainment.

For this situation, Plutten Outdoor World offers you one great solution: get out of your house, even out of this planet, without moving; get a mesmerizing glance of the cosmos through your own telescope! You will be capable of taking a ride through time. Are you ready?

Let darkness in

Image Credit: NASA

When you start using your telescope, give your eyes a chance to adjust to the dark. Then wait for 20 or 30 minutes; this way, your eyes will get even more sensitive. This will especially help when trying to see faint objects.

Don’t get the shakes! 

You must set your telescope on a stable surface; otherwise, it will be a little hard to find some objects since it can make your telescope vibrate. To avoid this, try on a surface that is nice and flat, and use a stable mounting, like a tripod.

Take a pair of binoculars with you!

You will probably experience some difficulty finding some of the sky objects. If this happens to you, use a pair of binoculars to examine the sky. This way, you will quickly locate the object you are looking for since it offers a better view of the sky. So before setting up your new telescope, keep these few things in mind.

This way, you will have the best experience exploring the cosmos right from your own house, and you will become an expert identifying the objects of the night sky! If you want to know more about telescopes and buy one.

Need some extra motivation?

Plutten Outdoor World believes in helping others. That’s why with every purchase you make, a percentage will be donated to disabled veterans’ charities. Also you can now directly donate to the Disabled Veterans (DAV), U.S.Vets and Homes For Our Troops Together We can help make a difference! Wait no more and embrace all the space wonders now. Supply is going fast, so purchase yours TODAY!



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